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gain a loyal customer
Did you ever wonder that customers have come to your restaurant and loved the food but never come back again?

Repeat Customer

A lot of restaurateurs believe that if they can get a new customer and give them a great meal with great service in a friendly clean environment, they will become a repeat customer.

Brand Loyalty

But that’s not enough for you to gain a loyal customer. The key is not to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is to create brand loyalty.

Gain A Happy

In order to gain a happy and a regular customer, You have to market for three visits, not just one and this is a part which every restaurant owner misses.

Now I am going to reveal some facts which being a restaurateur is very important for you to know, The first time someone visits your restaurant and has a great experience, there is about less than 40 % chance of them doing a second visit. If he comes the second time and has a flawless experience, there is statistical likelihood of a third visit of 42 % and the third time when they come, the chance of a fourth visit is over 72 %.

Who is a red towel customer?

Did you know that when a customer who visits your restaurant for the very first time, he should be given a red towel on his table instead of a white napkin as an identification of his first visit where you connect with them, build a personal reputation and most importantly, Give away a free dish You have to treat them special and take care of them as during that visit you can create that customer into happy or an unhappy customer.

Now for the second visit , you make a hand written note, “ 20% off on your favorite appetizer on Friday” remember don’t give a printed coupon. This way you prompted a second visit. When the customer comes in for a second visit, You give away 10 % off on your best desert for the third visit. When he comes for the third time, You own them! You have gained 72 % chance of getting them back for the fourth, You have made your red towel customer into your loyal advocate in the first few visits.

That is the way you market your restaurant within the four walls of it.

Going out to eat is more than just food, it’s a social experience which requires excellent service, and a personal touch. Don’t think twice to give away a free appetizer or a free drink to gain a customer for life.